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Hen and Chickens Theatre

5th of July to the 9th of July

As Real as Anything


Andrew Cartmel

Gwen and Duncan are happily married - well happily enough. They were a theatrical power couple, Duncan the director and Gwen his producer. But both of thier careers have begun to falter.


Enter Jake and Rosie. Jake is a playwright and Rosie an actress. They to are married and have seen better days. Now they are joining forces with Gwen and Duncan to turn the clock back, with a revival of Jake's first play, the one that made Rosie a star.


But as they drink to the success of this new venture, they are thinking the same thing...

The last time they worked together on this play, Rosie and Duncan had a scorching affair.


Of course things will be different this time....


As Real as Anything is a sexy, poetic and ultimately deeply moving tale of love and infidelity.


From Andrew Cartmel, the creative mastermind behind classic Doctor Who and the Vinyl Detective series.

Directed by Jenny Eastop


Rosie Edwards

Jamie Hutchins

Kelsey Short

Alasdair Shanks

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